About Us

Donessa is committed to helping people better manage the important information in their lives by providing the tools to make it easy.

We design and manufacture lines of micro-sized health, life, and personal organizers. Each pocket journal contains carefully conceived, proprietary outlines specifically designed to archive a variety of information ranging from personal, to potentially life saving—all designed to fit into a pocket, purse, wallet or wherever you choose.

In addition to pocket organizers and journals, Donessa’s line of graphically appealing and upbeat door hangers help you organize your time and manage interruptions with a smile, at home or in the office. Suite Statements™ deliver the message to kids, siblings, and coworkers with bright designs, bold colors, and a playful wink.

In a hi-tech world, Donessa offers low-tech solutions. Our organizers are simple, user-friendly tools that provide reliable data organization and storage capabilities in attractive slim, pocket-sized ledgers.

Born of necessity.

That is the impetus for the creation of Donessa’s line of products. Our unique organizers, personal journals, and bold door hangers were conceived to solve real, everyday challenges—with substance and style.

For over 25 years, Donna Malik, the owner and lead product developer of Donessa Group Products, has been responsible for developing clear, simple, easy to read education materials with a special focus on health care. That experience, paired with her passion for design is what makes Donessa's products as visually appealing as they are practical.