My Health Ledger

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Pocket-sized, practical, and easy to use, My Health Ledger for Children offers unparalleled efficacy in maintaining up-to-the-moment medical information about child's health. But, it is more than just an organizer. It is a tool meant to help parents work together with their child's health care provider. My Health Ledger offers useful tips and suggestions for improving communication between patients and their healthcare provider, as well as other general health information.

Perfect for parents, caregivers, midlife and older adults, My Health Ledger organizes health information into two distinct sections. One keeps growth and development records, health history, and other related information all in one convenient place. The other puts health management at your fingertips- keeping track of appointments and medicines, dental visits, test results, and more. It provides sections specifically designed to prepare for and take notes on office visits-something healthcare providers strongly encourage. 

Part 1: General Health Record

This section features general information on taking charge of your health as well as places to organize enduring information such as provider information, emergency contacts, and health history.

The child's addition includes vaccination information, well child visit records and height and weight charts.

Part 2: My Daily Health Diary 

This section is designed to keep track of current health information including preparing questions for your doctor, medicines, a symptom tracker, and more.

Includes FREE Family Health Tree