Login Locker®

Login Locker® Pocket Organizers are ultra-slim, accordion-style folding booklets. They have a magnetic cover which closes securely for discrete portability.

Login Lockers by Donessa are as unique as you’d expect. From their special and specific design, to their thorough, carefully crafted interiors, nothing is left to chance.

Whether it’s planning, organizing, or remembering life’s milestones, Login Locker keeps the details all in one well-organized, compact place. Essential information and updates for various life events are easy to track. Portable and lightweight, Login Locker can easily fit in a purse, pocket, or wallet, doing double-duty as a real-time organizer as well as a keepsake of life’s most meaningful moments. 


The Original Login Locker® Password Organizer
My Meds Ledger™ Prescription Organizer