Suite Statements™

Fun, friendly, and bold, these brightly designed durable doorknob hangers come in sets of six so that you can change them around to suit your mood.

Kids will enjoy the Smiley Time Set, filled with brightly designed hangers for Study Time, Play Time, and Killin’ Time, while teens will tell it in text message shorthand. Parents who need a quick minute will appreciate communiqués that let kids know when it’s safe to enter, or if Mom needs time to herself. And coworkers will get the message with clever quips that include “Pretend I’m Not Here”and“EnteratYourOwnRisk”. Worksgreatforthosewho work from home and need to let the family know it’s work-time.

Think of them as “witty workplace warnings”, or “parental style with a smile!”Wherever they are hung, the meaning is clear. Suite Statements™ help everyone put a sweet and sassy spin on life’s everyday interruptions.